iLLUMA-Drive Combines DC LED Lighting With Intelligent Renewable Energy Storage

We are on the verge of a sea change in commercial and residential lighting. Recently, LED lighting has been making rapid inroads in both industrial / commercial and residential markets. Now we’re about to witness a fundamental shift in how we light our homes and offices. Leading the way is Canadian startup iLLUMA-Drive Inc., and they’re doing it with DC power.

EverCharge Offers Electric Vehicle Charging For Multi-Tenant Buildings

If current trends continue, we’re soon going to see many more electric cars on the road. Most of the leading automakers already offer electric options or have promised to in the near future. This is great news, unless you happen to live in an older multi-tenant building.

SolarWindow’s Organic Photovoltaic Coating Turns Rooftop Solar On Its Side

SolarWindow’s organic photovoltaic coating turns ordinary windows into power generating systems. This breakthrough technology will allow urban skyscrapers to generate much more energy than would be possible using conventional rooftop solar panels.

Solar Energy Guide – An Essential Resource For Homeowners

The growing popularity of renewable energy – particularly rooftop solar – is good news for homeowners. Increased competition means more choice and lower prices. However, it also means some opportunistic businesses are popping up, eager to profit from this burgeoning market, but unprepared to deliver quality goods and services. It means homeowners need to do their homework.

Electric Vehicle Charging Boosts Tourism For Australian Winery

Australian Tesla drivers have a new place to charge their electric cars–and themselves–on the long trip between Melbourne and Adelaide, thanks to a dedicated charger recently installed by Raidis Estate in Penola, South Australia.