Portfolio – Brochures

Exspans is an IBM software development firm specializing in system automation and enabling tools for IBM z/OS & OS/390 mainframes. The company boasts cost-effective solutions and personalized customer service.

We created a series of sell sheets presenting Exspans and its applications.

The project required a review of the company's reference material, competitive and market analysis, and additional research. We also reviewed IBM's Partner Showcase guidelines to ensure the completed documents would match IBM's requirements. Delivery included writing, document design, sourcing stock photos, and graphics editing.

Sterling Combustion delivers turnkey boiler installations and efficiency upgrades. This pair of brochures served to introduce the company and it's Efficiency Upgrade services.

The client provided technical reference material, while LightningStrike conducted a business needs analysis, research into boiler technology, safety standards, and government regulations. Layout was handled by a third-party graphic designer.

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