LightningStrike Studios - Professional Communication for the Chronically Busy


How much do we charge? It depends. Each project is unique. Usually, after a brief phone conversation to determine the specific requirements, we provide a detailed proposal with a flat fee. Most of our clients prefer this since it tells them up-front how much their project will cost with no surprises.

For long or open-ended projects we can negotiate an hourly rate, if that’s what you prefer. However, keep in mind that an hourly rate doesn’t tell you anything. Consider …

Suppose you need a white paper to explain a new service offering and we tell you that we charge $200 per hour. How much will your white paper cost? We can’t tell because we don’t know what’s involved and how long it’s going to take. Would you feel better if we told you we charge $20 per hour? Now how much will your white paper cost? Same answer. A rate per hour doesn’t really tell you anything and it doesn’t change the total cost of the project.

That said, let’s be clear. We are not cheap. If you’re just looking for the lowest price and you don’t care about the quality of the work, we suggest trying some of the freelance job boards. If you want professional communication at a fair price, contact us. We’d be pleased to offer you a proposal. There’s no obligation.