Thoughts on Communications


Don’t Steal That File!Don’t Steal That File!

Some people have the idea that everything on the Internet is free. They see a photo they like, they take it for their own site. Some text sounds good, they copy and paste it into their own blog. They hear a song they like, they use it in their video. Is this OK? Or is it theft?

Should You Always Follow Back?Should You Always Follow Back?

If you’re using social media as a tool for business networking, then you need contacts. But does that mean you should follow everyone who follows you? Are there ever reasons to stop following someone?

Secure Your Email NowSecure Your Email Now

This past week, security researchers discovered yet another major data breach, this one exposing more than 711 million email addresses and passwords. Even if all you do is send pictures of your cat to your friends, you need to secure your email.

Add Some Talent To Your Business OrchestraAdd Some Talent To Your Business Orchestra

Being successful as an entrepreneur requires identifying those things we can, should, or must do ourselves; and letting someone else do the rest. Otherwise, we’re like a solo musician trying to play every part of a symphony simultaneously.

Check Your Facts!Check Your Facts!

If you’re in business, you need to check your facts. Of course, you’d never intentionally lie to your customers. Unless you’re careful, though, you could risk losing their confidence and their business.